Membership Form 2020

    Stirling Curling Club – Registration 2020‐2021
    Stirling Curling Club – Registration 2020‐2021
    Note: 1 member per form
    Name: ___________________________
    Street Address:                                                                                     Box Number:
    City/Town:                                                                                             Postal Code:
    Home Phone:                                                                                        Cell Phone (optional):
    e‐mail address (unique email for each member pls):

    League and Position Requests

    *Please check off the position you wish to play under the day and time you wish to curl – ONE LEAGUE/EVENING PER CURLER.

    *If you are entering a team, indicate the names of ALL TEAM MEMBERS on the night you wish to curl.

    *A team entry is only guaranteed if all the members of the team have paid on time.

    Draw times: Morning 9:30 & 9:45 a.m., Single-draw evenings 7:00 & 7:15 p.m., Double-draw evening’s start at 6:30 p.m.

    **If there are more than 8 teams per draw, the over flow may be played on any evening with open ice

    Monday Evening - Beginners/Doubles - Stated desired position

    Tuesday Evening - Mixed - Stated desired position

    Wednesday Morning - Mixed - Stated desired position

    Wednesday Evening - Mens - Stated desired position

    Thursday Evening - Ladies - Stated desired position

    Friday Evening - Mixed Social - Stated desired position


    SMART SERVICE # ___________________________


    Circle preference:         Bar          Kitchen         Bonspiel            Maintenance         Other         


    Membership Cost

    One League:                  $255

    One League (shared):   $160pp ($320)

    Snowbird** (Oct-Dec)       $165

    Snowbird** (Jan-Mar)       $175

    Student under 21           $165

    COVID FEE (all)            $100

     ** SNOWBIRD rates may only be used for Wednesday morning league.



    Are you interested in a curling clinic?   Yes        No 

    Curling clinic will be held Sunday October 25, 9am – 1pm.    You do not need to be a new curler to attend. 


    All cheques should be made to “Stirling Curling Club", you can also email your registration to our treasurer Debbie Holmes at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you can also e-transfer funds to her as well. You can call Debbie with your credit card number at 613-398-8471 or send a cheque to Stirling Curling Club

    Box 237, Frankford Ont, K0K 2C0.


    Box 414, Stirling, ON, K0K 3E0

    Attn: Membership



    433 West Front Street
    Stirling ON  K0K 3E0

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