Stirling Curling Club 2021/22

    Curling for the new season will start the week of October 25th, 2021.

    Monday nights are doubles curling.

    Tuesday nights are mixed teams

    Wednesday day are senior curling, and at night is the men's league.

    Thursday night is women's league,

    Friday night is mixed social night league.  

    There will be on Sunday, October 24th a "learn to curl" session from 9-1 and a "practice" session from 1-5.


    Stirling Curling Club – Registration 2021‐2022
    Stirling Curling Club – Registration 2021‐2022
    Note: 1 member per form
    Name: ___________________________
    Street Address:                                                                                     Box Number:
    City/Town:                                                                                             Postal Code:
    Home Phone:                                                                                        Cell Phone (optional):
    e‐mail address (unique email for each member pls):
    Curling Profile: returning member _____ ; or new member _____ referred by _________________
    Curling Experience: New____; 1-2 years _____; 3-5 years _____; old hand _______ 

    League and Position Requests

    *Please check off the position you wish to play under the day and time you wish to curl – ONE LEAGUE/EVENING PER CURLER.

    *If you are entering a team, indicate the names of ALL TEAM MEMBERS on the night you wish to curl.

    *A team entry is only guaranteed if all the members of the team have paid on time.

    Draw times: Morning 9:30 a.m., Single-draw evenings 7:00 p.m., Double-draw evening’s start at 6:30 p.m.

    **If there are more than 8 teams per draw, the over flow may be played on any evening with open ice

    Monday Evening - Beginners/Doubles - Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th

    Tuesday Evening - Mixed -  Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th

    Wednesday Morning - Mixed -Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th [No teams - single entry only]

    Wednesday Evening - Mens - Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th

    Thursday Evening - Ladies - Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th

    Friday Evening - Mixed Social - Circle desired position: Skip   Vice   Second   Lead   5th    6th

    At the executive’s discretion, a waiting list may be created. You will be notified ASAP if you are not placed on a team.


    Which leagues are you willing to spare in?  _____________________


    Circle preference:         Bar          Kitchen         Bonspiel       Summer Events      Maintenance         Other: _________________        

     Do you have SMART SERVICE, If so please provide # ___________________________

    Please include a cheque for $100 post-dated October 1, 2022 with your fee payment or cash/debit or credit. This cheque/other payment will be returned when you have completed your volunteer commitment of 6 hours plus a food item donation.

    Membership Cost

    Unlimited Curling                           $285

    One League:                                  $255

    One League (shared):                   $320 ($160pp )

    One League, team (4-6 people) $1,070 ($170pp)

    Snowbird** (Oct-Dec)                   $165

    Snowbird** (Jan-Mar)                   $265

    Student under 21                         $165

    Spare only                                     $75 plus $10 per game

    Referral discount                         ($30)

     ** SNOWBIRD rates may only be used for Wednesday morning league.



    Are you interested in a curling clinic?   Yes        No 

    Curling clinic will be held Sunday October 25, 9am – 1pm.    You do not need to be a new curler to attend. 


    All cheques should be made to “Stirling Curling Club", you can also email your registration to our treasurer Debbie Holmes at: [email protected], and you can also e-transfer funds to her as well. You can call Debbie with your credit card number at 613-398-8471 or send a cheque to Stirling Curling Club, Box 237, Frankford Ont, K0K 2C0.

    OR Box 414, Stirling, ON, K0K 3E0, Attn: Membership


    Note that access to the website is restricted to members which is determined by email address. If someone in your house has the same email address when registering for curling then only one person will be able to use the website. You can provide your unique email address to Alan at [email protected]



    The Stirling Curling Club website: In order to access it and receive emails, you will need to have an email address that is unique to you, as each family member needs their own email address to sign on. So please ensure you provide us with your email address if you have not been receiving emails. 

    The website is designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. The software will allow on-line league registration, event management, setting up spares, on-line scoring and much more. We hope to have all this functionality available this season, as our goal is to provide our members with an easier way to enjoy their curling experience. 


    The Stirling Curling Club is a four-sheet facility with an upstairs and downstairs viewing area, fully equipped kitchen and a lounge to socialize and spend some time after curling. We have a variety of membership levels, one that we're sure will suit you. Visit us at 433 West Front Street.


    433 West Front Street
    Stirling ON  K0K 3E0

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